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      Vision and Mission 

      The vision of the College of Humanities and Education is to pursue General Education and develop professional maturity by relying on the ideology of Holistic Education to develop its curriculum, implement teaching strategies, and undertake extracurricular activities. Students should not only know how to understand the current world but also become concerned about the ultimate end of it, studying traditional teachings as well as modern philosophies. They should start by learning about their native land and then expand outward to learn about the world, blending the spirit of humanism with the piety of religious belief, revering God, and loving people. Students should learn to practice their skills, find fulfillment in their lives, and become sincere persons. The purpose of Holistic Education is to help everyone who attends CYCU to become a whole person, a person who is balanced in body, mind, and spirit. More specifically, that means:

      To be a balanced person by knowing how to love oneself, life, and other people;

      To be a well-rounded person by respecting oneself, others, and knowing the truth;

      To be an optimistic person by being able to see the brightness, abundance, and variety in life;

      To be a healthy person by having a strong body, stable mind, and a thriving spirit.



      Established in 1999, the College of Humanities and Education has been devoted to developing Holistic Education with the cultivation of Body, Mind, and Spirit as the basic component and the pursuit of the harmony among the Creator, humanity, the entire creation, and the individual self. The College consists of three departments, two graduate schools and two centers and one Postgraduate BS Degree Program:the Department of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (with M.A. program), the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (with M.A. program), the Department of Special Education (with M.A. program), the Graduate School of Religion, the Graduate School of Education, the Center for General Education and the Center for Teacher Education.  ,the Postgraduate BS Degree Program in Applied Digital Music. In addition, the Undergraduate Program in College of Humanities and Education will be founded, in 2018.


      Key Features

      The great feature of this College lies in the professional fields of the Humanities and Education. We have integrated the traditional and contemporary education systems and have rebuilt our undergraduate and graduate programs to be always innovative, versatile, integrative and internationalized. The College is characterized by

       1.Emphasizing Holistic Education as the core concept of education

      The College takes the implementation of Holistic Education seriously, and embraces the concepts of Holistic Education for the hope to cultivate students’ professional knowledge and competence;

       2. Enhancing the integration of theory and practice

      Students learn the principles of the professional field they are studying as well as how to put them to use so as to meet the needs of society and industry;

       3.Elaborating the design of general education curricula and activities

      The General Education curricula involve four dimensions; they are the Creator, humanity, the entire creation, and the individual self. We aim to help students in the Humanities understand phenomena from multiple perspectives through the general education programs in collaboration with other multidisciplinary programs;

       4.Developing the potential of teaching delicate Mandarin Chinese and promoting it to foreign countries

      As the interest in learning Chinese as a foreign language is quickly growing around the world, it is hoped to present the excellence of our Mandarin Chinese program and Chinese proficiency testing programs to other parts of the world


      Future Prospects

      1. Research on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

      2. Research in Holistic and General Education

      3. Christian Theology, History, and Philosophy

      4. Research on Higher Education Teaching Excellence

      5. Globalized Foreign Language Education / Digitized English Teaching Materials Research

          and Applications

      6. Research on Supporting Systems for Students with Special needs, and their families, and